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Introducing Multiple 10 $ Dot Com


Making money online just got easier with multiple10dollars. With us, money making is as simple as ABC.. The objective of multiple10dollars is to raise at least 1,000,000 members before the end on 2012; who will be tutored intensively to achieve stable and enviable income online. Think $1000, $2000, $5000 or even $10,000 per month earning from the Internet, we shall get you there easily. How will help you achieve this?

Exclusive Member's Area

On our exclusive member area, we have valuable resources that can never be found anywhere else on the whole internet. The resources broken down into different modules of easy to follow and simple instruction; these will take you by the hand and hand over to you your dream income target.

The laziest member on Multiple10dollars is already on $1450 monthly earning. Just a little effort, you will easily get down to $2000/month income level.

The strength of Multiple10dollars is in the exclusive member area where the goldmine is for member to take achieve their desired share of online income.


To become a member, you are required to pay the membership fee of $15 only through PERFECT MONEY. This makes you to become a full member.


As a member, you are entitled to a referral link which duplicates this website for you personally. Every person that you refer to Multiple10dollars (referring 200+ people per month is very easy to achieve once you follow the trainings on the Members Area) and registers, you shall be instantly paid $10 from the $15 registration fee. The balance will be contributed towards the development and management of Multiple10dollars' member Area.

Bumper Reward

At the end of each calendar month, any member with 100 and above active referrals will be entitled to Multiple10dollars' BUMPER BONUS of $200. This will be paid within on or before 4th of the month that precede the BUMPER BONUS WINNING month. You keep getting this any month you have month you have over 100 referrals.

Super Bumper Bonus

This is to reward hardworking members. Any member that gets 200 referrals in a calendar month will be entitled to Multiple10dollars' SUPER BUMPER BONUS of an instant $500. This will be paid within on or before 4th of the month that precede the BUMPER BONUS WINNING month. You keep getting this any month you have month you have over 200 referrals.

Superb Super Bumper Bonus

Nothing of this kind in all other internet money making platform on Earth. SUPERB SUPER BUMPER BONUS is aimed at rewarding members with over 200 referrals in a month. Any member with over 200 referrals in a month will qualify for our monthly draw for the price of $1000. Our 3 lucky winners of the draw will pocket Multiple10dollar's SUPERB SUPER BUMPER BONUS of $1000 each for the Month.

Reason To Join Multiple10dollars Right Away...

You've got nothing much to invest. Just $15 membership fee and 10 to 30 minutes daily, you will be earning at least $2000/month. Our membership area has been fortified to help you achieve unequal feat in making good money from the internet. Several opportunities abound in the Members Area.

Thinking of how to get massive people to refer? That's too simple thing to do. The membership Area caters for this. A 10 year old boy/girl will get over 100 referrals per month from the trainings that you will get from our Member Area.



What is Multiple 10 $?

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